Late Blog for June 2017 Rhine Trip with John and Viking

June saw us take off for Basel and a 7 day Trip down the Rhine to Amsterdam. Weather was hot, HOT! HOTTER!! Great “Ship” as Viking refer to their river boats these days, the Viking Alruna was just a year old and beautiful! Mixed passengers from Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and some great Staff from all over the world, to look after us. Good food and wines, and a really interesting Itinerary beginning in Basel, and Breisach and Black Forest tour with bees, swifts, & house martins the next day!

Lochs on our way to Kehl and Strasbourg. Whole City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just stunning.
Can see where your money has gone tho’ with the European Parliament buildings shared with Brussels!! Used every other month!!
From Strasbourg we headed towards Rudesheim via Mannheim, and shore excursion to Heidelberg.

Middle Rhine sailing (towards Koblenz) with spectacular views of Castles, forests, vineyards – where the vines are harvested by hand – they are grown on such steep slopes. A trip down the Moselle for a Wine tour and tastings for us later the same day. Past the steep Lorelei Rock and “maiden” – who lured sailors to their death with her singing!

By the Thursday we were leaving Koblenz for Cologne, another city walk and tour and an added extra for us “Cologne’s Beer culture Dinner tour” !!
Not an outstanding success – missed most of it. John’s foot didn’t make a curb and he fell onto cobbles – injuries looked bad – but one Doctor and one nurse in our small group on ‘pub crawl’ came to his immediate rescue, folowed by a trip to Cologne A & E returning to the Ship just before sailing time at 11:00 pm. Injuries didn’t need stitching and although bruised he was okay for the last two days. A & E was empty – all Brits and Americans in awe – as ours are always sooo busy.

We were sailing for quite a while on Friday towards Kinderdijk, Netherlands, and the Kinderdijk Windmills!
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the end of our Rhine Trip too. Further sailing brought us into Amsterdam and disembarkation for flight home. Schiphol Airport a NIGHTMARE! Avoid if you can.
A brilliant trip – and very relaxing – we met up with the Hotel Manager who had been with us in Myanmar – lovely to see Evelyn again and she really looked after John following his fall. Our Program Director Nick – in a class of his own! Such a small world really!!!

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