In Asia

Hot, humid, dusty, and incredibly busy! Motor scooters and vehicles everywhere but when you cross the road, you cross straight, don’t stop, they avoid you. OR follow a local they usually know what they are about!

The people are kind and very proud. The children curious with big brown solemn eyes sometimes giving you a shy smile, sometimes cheeky, all football mad – “…you know David Beckham?” and the boys wear team shirts with pride, dust and dirt and know the latest results.

We have only touched a small surface of this vast area, but have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. There is incredible wealth and abject poverty with some Countries growing at incredible pace whilst others’ wait to catch up. There are vast Golden Temples and enormous red green and gold Monasteries; beautiful houses for some, and slum dwellings for others. Often no running water, sanitation or roads outside the main Cities, with people make a living in any way they can.